Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Velveeta box part three

What's up Crafty friends! Here comes part three of the Paper Cowgirl Velveeta challenge so grab the Elmer's and follow me into The Trishlicious Art Studio or as Andy calls it the "Shrek room".

I found these fun little plastic eggs after Easter at Hobby Lobby for 80% off. I paid under a quarter for a bag of 25!
But the best thing about these are they are an extremely hard dense plastic.

The drawback to the great pricing was they look like Easter eggs and since this isn't an Easter project I needed to change that.
I had originally planned on soldering them but decided that my project needed some bling so I ended up covering them with vintage German glass glitter 90 grit.
Just rolled the little guys in good old fashioned Elmer's glue and dipped them in the bag. Looking at these little puppies now you'd never know they were .01 each now would you?

After the egg's turned out looking like a million bucks I couldn't just stick them in a plain old nest now could I?
But before I get to the next part let me assure you that I spoke with our Minister and he ASSURED me I will not be going to hell for this next part. So I am officially going on record as saying..... If you have a problem with this I am giving you his email and you can take it up with him. I bought a box of church hymnals at an estate sale for a .25 each! I bought four books and they are a nice vintage yellow with the pages falling out so I think of it as recycling them or "spreading the gospel".
Back to the nest.... I cut some thin strips of a blessing and curled them around a chop stick (creating little curly Q's) and filled the nest with them.

Then I arranged the eggs, and bingo I have this sweet little birds nest.
Only one more part to go before I assemble this box and ship it off to the gals over at Paper Cowgirls.


  1. wow! it really turned out amazing! It is a piece of art and I think the gals will love it! Its gorgeous!


  2. EVERYONE is going to want to bid on that!!! You outdid yourself!!! What a fun piece and to think it started as a Velveeta Box!!!!! This just makes me super excited for the auction!!!

  3. Tantalizing... love them little eggs... perfect bling