Friday, May 13, 2011

No peep's your eyes are not deceiving you it is a STICK!
Now I bet your wondering what I did with this little gem of a find?

Why, what else would you do with a stick but solder it. Lol

Let me tell you soldering a stick isn't as easy as you would think. It took me about an hour and a half to two hours to solder this stick.
The most difficult part was getting in between the branches and making sure ever inch of the branch was covered with solder.

Here is a close up of the branches. I will have part three up this weekend and I will give you a little hint (It cost me .25 for 25 and I used 3 at a cost of .01 each). Yes.... I spent a whole three cents on part three!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Can not wait to see what you do next!!! I soldered a tiny branch once for a piece of jewelry, but can not imagine doing a big one!!! Love this!! -Sandra

  2. LOL Trisha

    how much foil tape did this take... lol. you have my interest peeked for sure... cannot wait for part three.. part two is as awesome as part one was...

  3. I loove the way your mind works Girlfriend!
    Watching for more!

  4. What a brilliant idea soldiering a branch v very cool look indeed