Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday the 13th phobia hop

In honor of Friday the 13th I bring you one of my secret phobias! I am convinced that one day the world is going to be taken over by ZOMBIES! Yes, one morning I am going to wake up and some dried-out dude is going to want to eat my BRAINS (insert shudder here)! Hey it could happen.... I saw Shaun of the Dead!! So sit back and enjoy the show :)

First up we have a mini book filled with the "How to survive a zombie apocalypse" brought to us by the CDC! Yes, kids I am not joking. If you visit the Center for Disease Control's web site they have a plan in place in case Zombies ever attack! See I told you it could happen!!!


Photo's from the CDC web site

Dylusions; Spray Inks- red, green, yellow, pink, orange

Dylusions; Stencils - Letter Jumble - 9x12"

Dylusions; Rubber Stamps - Dependable Dotty

Maya road black laceOld bookChip board

Next up I have the secret zombie vaccine the government doesn't want you to know about..
A good cup of coffee in the morning can cure even the meanest zombie :)
Wooden coffee cup "Michaels' $1 section"
White paint
Brown micro beads
Mini alphabet stamps
Stazon ink; black

Last but not least a Zombie angel tag

TagDylusions; Spray Inks- red, green, yellow, pink, orange
Dylusions; Stencils - Letter Jumble - 9x12"
Dylusions; Rubber Stamps - Love Struck Lucy and Dependable Dotty
Maya road black lace
Vintage page from a dictionary
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  1. *giggles* this is just brilliant!! totally love the zombie vaccine what a fab idea! Must admit zombies aren't a phobia of mine, I love them so much so a friend of mine said to me once "if ever we had a zombie Apocalypse everyone would run apart from you, you would go and hug them" Fab work on this though definitely put a smile on my face this morning :)
    Shell x

  2. AWESOME pieces - this did make me giggle :-) I have never had a zombie phobia and never even thought about this !!! Love the vaccine. Great entry to the Hop :-D xxxxx

  3. awesome, this is tooo funny, love everthing you made for the hop, great job

  4. Happy Dance! I love zombies! I never want to see one, mostly because of the rotted flesh smell and the whole trying to eat me bit. Your projects are awesome! Your book rocks, the zombie vaccine is very clever and your tag is fabulous with the combinations of colors and patterns. Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. FAB!...... sorry but I found your fear so funny....... but it's good that you have a plan in place......erm..... if need be..... you will share the vaccine.....won't you????

  6. Trisha,
    This is so awesome I love it! You have done a great job! Love the "Mini book" and you saying the pic is from CDC cracks me up! Ima check that out later. Love your coffee cup w/ "secret zombie vaccine" cool! And killer tag love how you added a skull to that body, and nice touch w/ the black lace trim under it! I have enjoyed my visit!

  7. Fabulous. You put a lot of thought into this. Wonderful concept on zombies.

  8. hahhah cool these all rock. that vaccine bit is a hit.. I'm gonna have to go check out that site you were talking about. you never know some mad scientist dude could be under ground somewhere right now making some kind of crazy disease starting stuff. all 3 projects are awesome

  9. Awesome projects! I especially love the zombie vaccine.:)

  10. oh I love your art. dylusions are my favs and you are awesome using her inks. Love the stamps and the whole piece lol i love it.
    susan s.

  11. fab work! i totally dig that cup! xx lisa

  12. Yeah, I had to look to see what everyone else said b/c I totally think you rocked this. It gave me a smile. Just love that you have made a vaccine & are ready, "just in case." TFS.

  13. Fabulous collection of pieces Trisha. I never knew I'd been drinking zombie vaccine all the years, thanks for that snippet. TFS your phobia with us. Hx

  14. Love the Zombie Vaccine,New follower joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  15. Hopped over from the blog post on
    Love your projects
    Have a great week !!