Monday, July 9, 2012

Vintage cigar box

Here I am again with another Ten Second Studio VerDay patina project.

I love to make things out of free items. This super cool box was made out of a cigar box the local smoke shop gave me for free.     This project was so simple to make!

Supply list:
TSS pure copper (not the art copper)
TSS patina
Foam brush
Large size seed beads
Glass Fleur de lis
Copper acrylic paint
Cigar box
Glossy accents
TSS mold or embossing folder
Humongo double sided tape

Step one:
Paint your cigar box with copper paint.
I like to do this so if any edges peak through they will blend in with the copper. Now set this aside to dry.

Step two:
Cut your copper to the dimensions of your cigar box.
Now you want to emboss your pieces of copper. I used a TSS mold (#BDAD-10a)
It is one of their big daddy molds.

Step three:
Attach Humongo tape to the back of each copper piece. Then peel back tape and attach to each side of your cigar box.

Step four:
Time to add a little patina! I used a foam brush to saturate the copper with the VerDay patina. Set it aside for a little while.

Step four a second look:
 Here is what the patina looks like after twenty minutes or so.

Here is the patina after setting overnight. Look how dark and rich it looks after a few hours. I am loving all of the different shades of green and aqua.

Step five:
I glued my Fleur de lis in the center of the box using glassy accents. Then filled the area around it in with seed beads.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 I am happy to be July guest designer at Ten Second Studios!  I had a lot of fun spending the day with Megan and Cheryl at their studio last week. Being with those crazy girls is all ways a guaranteed good time.  I hope you enjoy the projects.